Thursday, February 9, 2012


"There's plenty of money out there. They print more every day. But this ticket, there's only five of them in the whole world, and that's all there's ever going to be. Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money. Are you a dummy?" -Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

It is easy as I engage in my day to day to life for the illusion that what is common in my life now to seem common. It is funny how those moments happen so very often, where everything just seems like business as usual, even though I often think where I have come from, and how it just feels like a brand new, beautiful life. 
I was looking the other day at this beautiful diamond ring that I have in my hand, and the above quote came into my mind. I have this one diamond in my life, one solitary item of great monetary worth, but there are millions of them out there. Compared to the relationship I have with Andrew, this diamond is so very common. 

It is not that great men are uncommon. There are many wonderful men out there. It is that is what is rare is the man who matches so well to me. I am confident that there is not a man out there who is better suited to me. 

I decided to experiment with the no 'poo idea. I told him about it and the things I was reading about, and he told me a few days later that he's decided to do it as well. He came and played with shaving cream with food coloring in it with me, when that is what I was doing. He loves that I made bath crayons, and use them to draw on our shower walls. He was outraged that we were turned away from Clancy the Train because we didn't have children with us, and as we were walking away said he could go back and tell the guy off, and probably would have if I wouldn't have told him it probably wasn't worth it. 

It is not just that he loves me, it is what he loves about me, it is what he loves to do with me. We spent a bit of today talking about how we want to try Parkour, and so tomorrow we'll start trying to learn a few moves so we can test our skills. I love his passion for sport, too. It is something I never really got into much when I was single, but I missed it from having been involved with it when I lived with my dad. I love that we can spend an hour just rehashing the last decade of footy, and even though I wasn't here, I know who won every Grand Final, and a lot of the circumstances each of them happened in. I know who Bradman is (the best cricketer ever, for the non-cricket people out there), and I love Leyton Hewitt, because he has a fighting spirit and will never say die, and loves the challenge of any position of the game, just like Andrew. His mentality reminds me so much of Andrew. I love to see that competitive nature out on the court though, and can't wait for Wimbledon to see more. 

I love going to the beach, and not just going and having fun together. We appreciate the same things. So when there is a beautiful sunset with gorgeousness all around us, we are just back and forth pointing out beautiful aspects of it. That is something I've never experienced with anyone else. 

He also manages to make me laugh a fair bit, even though I don't think he's funny. 

I assume that being super in love and having found the person that matches you so well gives you a bit of that same feeling of having a baby, and always thinking they are the cutest baby to ever be born. It makes me feel like it is the best love to have ever happened. It really has nothing to do with comparing it to anyone else's, it's just that I can't imagine anything better. 

For me, there was only ever one golden ticket floating around, and I found it. And though it becomes common to me, as it becomes my life, and anything a part of your daily life starts to feel common. At the same time, I wouldn't trade it away for anything as common as money, or anything that is actually common at all. I'm not a dummy.