Friday, October 19, 2012

Daily doesn't mean Longlasting

Things that happen every day don't seem like they will ever change. There are those moments that are special, but they don't seem like it, because you feel like there will be another special moment for you the next day. It is also why change comes as such a shock, and it always comes more often than we expect it.

I remember singing in the bathrooms with Carolyn and Micah. Those were really good times. The three of us had great rapport, and we just loved singing together. Soon Carolyn left, and then Nicole came in, and she took her spot, and still the singing went on. I was offered a promotion, and I didn't take it straight away, because I didn't want to lose those times. But Nicole was the second in line for the job, so things were going to change anyway. I took the job.

I remember those 4 months, though. They were special times, but I didn't realise it until I was confronted with losing them. It wasn't like my hike on the Y at 3am with 2 random friends from work. When that happened, I knew that would probably never happen again, and that something amazing had just happened. But those days in the bathroom, cleaning and singing, because they happened every day, I didn't appreciate them as much.

I've been cleaning a lot of toilets this week, alone, and I've sung a bit. It reminded me of those times, and made me miss them.

People used to always give me a bit of a strange look when I'd say I loved working in the bathrooms. But at that time, it was the small group of people in an otherwise solitary work environment.

I guess I'm just acknowledging that sometimes there are things that you don't even think to appreciate at the time that you might later wish you did.

Like I always tried to make the most of my time with my nieces and nephew, and I don't really have regrets in that regard. I loved the time I spent with them, and cherished those moments. I look forward to having more moments with them if I can make it over next year.

I try to cherish my time with Andrew, and I do. He annoyed the hell out of me this morning, but I love that about him too. I was reading this girl's blog about her and her husband, and she was talking about how she kind of made a choice to not get annoyed with him, because she'd lost her first husband (divorce). And I just thought that's not real. To me what is real is that Andrew is the person who has the capacity to annoy me more than anyone else in the world. It's part of the package, and I will take it every day (and do pretty much), because it is a wonderful annoying part of the landscape of being in love with this man.

But one day I will have another Bathroom Crew experience, but next time, I won't ignore it simply because it is a daily occurrence.