Friday, November 16, 2012

Facebook isn't all bad

There are lots of things said about social media, and how they disconnect us, and I agree with that, how they can take us away from living in the here and now, with those who are directly around us.

But there are some things that are just freakin' cool about it.

15 minutes ago, I saw this picture on my timeline:

which, shining like a beacon in that light to me was rainbow books. I love rainbows. I love colors, and especially all of them smashed together into beautiful rainbows. I saw that, and was like, I want!

So then after about a 30 second discussion with Andrew, I proceeded to do this to our movies:

Inspiration from over 8000 miles away, instituted in 5 minutes. Loving looking at the movies now!

Now I am seeing these pictures side by side in my timeline. <3 Facebook.