Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spaghetti Sauce Giveaway

So I am making spaghetti sauce tonight, and I ended up with a last batch that will be just three extras, and so I was like, hmm what should I do with these? Kind of weird, because this is less than I planned on making for the year anyway, but I think this is all the sauce I will do. I'm doing lots more tomatoes, and everything else should store well for the winter. Tomatoes are easier to do, more versatile, and everything else that goes into spaghetti sauce I can store over the winter (onions, garlic, spices).

But anyway, so the thinking of these as extras got me thinking, and I decided I want to do a giveaway of one of the bottles of spaghetti sauce.

So, here are the rules:

1 - You have to be in Utah. (This is a local challenge, shipping this stuff anywhere wouldn't really make a lot of sense.)
2 - Have one meal where you know where everything in the meal came from. (This can depend on how you want to do it, but the grocery store is not an answer. If you are eating something processed, you can do a lot of research and probably find out where the different ingredients are grown, but probably easier is just buying some fresh food from a stand near your home.) I'm gonna make an exception with grains, because they can be hard to track down, but consider that a bonus.
3 - Come back and comment on this post with what you ate, and where everything in the meal came from.
4 - Enter before September 9th. The winner will be chosen at random of the pool of people who meet the qualifications!

(For anyone out of Utah, feel free to join in and comment, join the discussion and sharing the story of meals, but just know you won't be in the running for the giveaway :P )

And to start off, I'll share my meal.

flour - Lehi roller mills, which I assume the flour comes from Utah farms
eggs - from a farmer at the farmers market
tomatoes - from Chavez farms and Stratton farms
onions - local farmer here in Provo
garlic - sold by this local farmer, but grown by an associate in St. George
peppers - from Jacob's cove, came with my CSA
salt - real salt from the ancient Sundance sea, here in Utah
beef - grass-fed beef from Redmond farms
spices & pepper - don't know, though I do know where to get some locally

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