Friday, February 4, 2011

Death Cannot Stop True Love

I've had this quote running through my head a bit the past day. Andrew told me last night that he doesn't think we can be together for the next year, that he can't do the whole dating online thing for a year, especially since he has so many important things to get done right this year. I'd kind of wondered how that would work, us not being able to see each other for the year, and how would we maintain a relationship with that, and how would that go.

But I feel so good about where I am at as a person, that I know who I am, and know my strength, and I saw a lot of that, that change, in how I responded to the news. Because my initial reaction was to do what I have typically done, to see a situation only one of two ways, but that way, at the end of the year, there would be no chance for us.

But I'm sure of myself enough now. I don't need to give into that fear and weakness, to take someone else's needs as personal, and see them as completely incompatible with me, just because it's not what I want. And once I accepted that, I have seen that it will be a very good thing, that us not being together, we'll be more the people we would want each other to be.

And so I guess, I have this phrase going through my head, because yeah, it's not death, but something else, but I don't think it can stop true love. So I guess we'll see at the end of it - is our love true love? For now, I can embrace the uncertainty of not completely knowing, and just say, we'll see.

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