Saturday, February 23, 2013

Child of the Stars

I stumbled across this video on pinterest. I don't do videos on Pinterest. Too much time to watch a video when there are so many images to get through, but for some reason the title and the image intrigued me, and so I watched it, and I was blown away.

I remember learning about this fact in my science class at BYU, and Carolyn and I were talking about being star children. It just was too cool. Reminding myself of this fact, and just the wonderful way the video is presented has inspired me. It's made me think a lot over the past while.

And today it inspired me to write.

The following is a quasi-poem. It is designed to be read to yourself, sort of in an affirmation fashion. Softly spoken or whispered to yourself. And it is all amazingly true. That is what I love.

Child of the Stars

I am a child of the stars.
Stars heated, and in that heat formed the atoms of my body
The oxygen I breathe was forged in those flames
The trees I look at
The birds I hear
Were formed from the superheating of massive stars
And I am part of it.
My brain matter
My muscles
The food I take in my mouth
It has all come from the stars

When I run my finger across my hand
I am running my finger across the matter of stars

I look up in the night sky
and I see things very far away
But also myself reflected in those stars
They teach me a bit of my own history

The tears I cry.
Star tears.

My laughter.
Star laughs.

My eyes.
Star eyes.

I am one, one person in a huge and cosmic universe.
It is massive.
It may know no bounds.

But I am a miracle. 
The unique combination that is me
The subtle differences in pattern that make me
like nothing else in the universe

A star exploded and created life
Created my life
Created me

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