Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Miracle of Birth, and even more the Miracle of Life

Four years ago, I witnessed a miracle. I watched my niece Prairie be born. It was beautiful. Birth is powerful. I watched my sister, as she pushed this beautiful little baby out, as she labored with her, and how ecstatic she was to have this new life, and I felt part of that too. It was an amazing day.

But amazing as it was, in some ways the greater miracle is the daily things that have come since then. It is the moments of growth, of joy. It is the life that she has lived that has been a miracle, the bright ray of sunshine that she is to so many around her. She loves to snuggle, and she is serious about her dancing, and she loves textures.

4 years ago, an amazing child was born into the world. I love her so very much.


  1. Not to mention a girl with a neck of steel! ;-) She really is extraordinary! Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Prairie is so special, thanks for the tribute for her. Her birth was really special, and I am glad you were there.