Monday, August 23, 2010


Gonna do another post inviting responses. I assume a lot of people who read this are into blogging themselves. So what got you into blogging? What do you like about it? What is your goal with it?

I am a person who is drawn to journaling. I'm usually keeping 3-4 different records that I write in periodically, with pen and paper, that have to do with my life. My first blog was a livejournal, because I had a couple friend who were doing them, and loved to keep up with them, and figured I could add it to my extensive journaling repertoire. Then Carolyn and a couple of my other friends were doing xangas, so I moved over there. Then it kind of died off. My sister got into blogging, and that's when I got on blogspot, which I guess I have liked since I have stayed on a long time, and spent the most time sprucing up my blogs, and also have about 15 open blogs (open as in, ones I have started or write on occasionally, as opposed to blogs that are open to the public!).

A friend mentioned my blog on her blog, saying that it is talking about improving myself. I guess I had never really thought about what it is, I just write when I feel like writing, about whatever I feel like writing about. But blogs do take on a character of their own. Like if you look at my xanga and livejournal, they are replete with references to boys, which I generally steer clear of in this blog, except for the briefest mention, because 1) I think a lot more people read this, and it is much much more public and 2) because I got out of the habit when I was married.

I started this blog and called it the Adventures of my life, because I wanted to view my life with more excitement, vigor, and passion. It is not so much that I do a lot differently, but that I like having a different perspective on it. And so that is a lot what I do with this blog, is to find, create, and share meaning that I find in my life. Which is really just one big grand adventure in itself.

But come one, come all, and share your own experience in coming into the blogging world, even if only just as a reader.


  1. I said that on my blog because you're always trying new stuff and for me, "Improving my life" is about broadening my view of things, my skills, and my interests. So you trying new things (barefoot experiment, writing every day, etc), makes this blog (to me) to be about improving yourself. :)

  2. Mary Anne said...
    I started my blog so that my daughters (Jennie and Emily) could see what projects I was working on. Last year I changed from blogger and incorporated my blog into my website. This move has affected me emotional and it's taken we a while to get over it. Since is was include on my business website I felt that I needed my posts to me more professional. Well what actually happened was that I kinds of just stopped posting. I think I have moved beyond that now, but it still seems to take more effort to post.

  3. I think I started blogging because it was the cool thing to do. Gradually, my enthusiasm (and time) has died away. Now I blog infrequently, but with real purpose. I blog because it is a fun way to keep a record of my kids. I do it for me, for family members, and someday for them.