Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What pieces of writing have change your life?

I think there is a lot of subconscious affect on us from all the media we take in. But there are those moments when we know that the thing we have just read has unalterably changed us forever. So what sentences, paragraphs, articles, books have changed your life? And how have they changed you?

Harry Potter 7 is probably the piece of fiction (not that I'm looking for only fiction, just that the scriptures change me over and over and over again all the time, but besides the scriptures, this is probably one of the biggest experiences I have had) that has had the most impact on me. Reading the end of Harry Potter 7, it was so emotional for me, and inspiring, and lifting. And it reminded me of how much I loved to write, how I wanted to do something like that, how I wanted to create something akin to that book. It was in the late hours of the night when I realized the path of my life, that I wanted to write, that I am a writer, and that that was what I would be. There are tons of passages in there that I love, but it was just the overall effect of it that changed me the most.

The days following I began to realize I have always been a writer. I remembered that I have been writing since I knew how to draw letters. I also realized that when I had become afraid of the idea of being an author, I still had words flowing out of me into tons of different journals. It just flows from me.

So that is the biggest one, though there are countless others, and maybe I will share more in the discussion that will (hopefully) follow. So tell me! What writing has changed your life, however big or small, and how?


  1. Bonds that Make Us Free. I know that it's a self-help book so that's probably a little cheesy but ... well, it's saying a lot that non-fiction is what I would choose. I believe in the restorative power of fiction but that book ... WOW! That book is True with a capital T and it changed me like I thought nothing but the scriptures could.

  2. I think that when I googled "Quilting" on the internet it sent my life in a directions that I had never dreamed it would go in.

  3. With you talking about the internet, it made me think of what has had the most impact on me, and I would say it is her blog, just her talk about birthing, and just different things has shaped a lot of my views on birth, just as I have come to see a different perspective.

    I remember another book that had a huge impact on me was Language Shock and Word on the Street. Those two books have had a huge impact on my view of language. Word on the Street helped me appreciate that there is no inherent value in one language or dialect over another, and it is simple the socioeconomic benefits that come with speaking them and the prejudices and whatever else that come with them that give us this perception of "good" or "better" language.

    Language Shock just helped me see how people speak differently because of their different dialects, and a lot of perceived impatience or unwillingness on the part of someone else to speak can just be a difference in their timing for language.