Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yet to come~

"Moments before my last match, I was asked for the defining moment of my career. Who knows what they were expecting me to say. I just told them it was yet to come." - Steve Waugh

I was walking home from dropping Mark off at the train today, and just thinking about today, and thought, "Today was perfect." I don't really know what made it feel that way. Basically what I did today was start reading scriptures, not finish, start time attacking a level, and never finish a run, watched Australia lose in cricket. Like, all these things that would not make a perfect day, but it just felt perfect.

And then, I thought about how I have been feeling that things will get better, that the best is yet to come (and the intonation of this commercial which featured the quote above came in my mind).

Life is not about accomplishing things. It's not about finishing, or winning, or whatever else. Would today have been perfect if I had done nothing? No. Then it would have been empty. But that most things I did failed, it was perfect.

And the best is yet to come~

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