Thursday, February 25, 2010

Definitely Adventures Today!

I know my last post was talking all about the imposition I feel by the title of my blog, but today the title of it made it so I -had- to write about my day.

So I was in a pretty bad mood today, just because I thought I was done with Janardan's stuff, but I found more, and one of the things I found was this letter I wrote to him that he never read...even though he had like 5 years to do so. Anyway, so I've been pissy all day, just about that and whatever.

But Emily and I had tickets to the BYU basketball game tonight, so we were going to that, and me and Emily alone is always a fun time. We were going to walk there, but then I went to Communal last night, and was too full to get dessert, so I decided we should get dessert together tonight. So then we decided we'd drive, because if we walked home, we might just want to stay home and not go out again. So we get in the car to drive over, and I thought this car in front of me was slowing down for a light, so I lightly press on my breaks...but he was stopped. So I run into him, and the hood of my car kinda crumples. He was in an SUV, and he got a small scratch on the bumper. My car, a bit more damage (I'll get a picture tomorrow when there's light). And for some reason, this put me in a great mood. No one was hurt, just the front of my car, and I found it funny.

So then we take my car back home (we were just a few blocks away, and it still runs), and go over in Emily's van. Drive all over campus looking for a spot. Can't find one for forever. Finally get one in the far lot by the stadium, and we made it in time for second half (lots of jokes about how we lost time by driving lol). It was a good game, and apparently if BYU scores over 80 points, you can get a free piece of chocolate cake at Magelby's Fresh. It was less than a minute with 79 points. So that was the most exciting play of the game! Lol. It was so fun, though. Think I have to get season tickets next year. I love basketball. (Why did I never go to sporting events when I was a student? Well I will fix that when I go back and take classes this fall).

Then off to Communal for dessert. Yuuuuummm the chocolate bread pudding was -amazing-. Like really you can't go wrong with a dessert with Amano chocolate in it, but this went soo right. Delcious. Emily and me cracking up about who knows what, which caused me to spit water.

Come home to finish filing my claim and reporting my accident with Geico to find out that I do not have collision coverage. So, not completely happy about that, as I have no idea how much it's gonna cost to get stuff repaired. And then to look online and remember (because when I was signing up for insurance, I did not want to be stingy, so I signed up for the best coverages I thought there could be) that the reason I did not get collision because it wouldn't let me because of some other thing I had. I had no idea what either of them was really.

But still, it's annoying, but I think today ended up being a great day! Emily said to me, "So you just need tragedy to take you out of your bad moods." Perhaps I do. I like to be surprised by life. It doesn't have to be a tragedy. I like to reminded that things can be completely different to how I planned them.


  1. I am sorry about your car - but I am glad that no one was hurt. Also, I am glad that your mood improved and you girls had a good time together at the basketball game!

  2. I don't think thats really weird actually. Maybe because I am biased since I feel like that is how I am a lot. It seems the day in and day out of life can wear on me more easily than the big things that make you go into crisis mode or just change the routine negatively. Glad you guys are safe though and hopefully the car repairs won't be too bad. Oh, what/where is Communal? I've never heard of that place before.