Friday, February 12, 2010


Today I want to give a tribute to my amazing sister. (This is the only recent picture I had of her on my computer, and it was taken by Prairie, but I like it :) ).

When my sister moved out to Utah years ago, I was worried that she would want to come and see me all the time, and that I would feel stifled by her. I knew she cared about me a lot, and really loved me, but I was kind of a bratty sister, I guess. I hadn't learned to appreciate her yet. But when she got here, it was when Janardan and I were first dating, and she made it feel so comfortable to come over to her house. She understood that he was sick, and didn't judge him, and so we loved going over there, and would go over there all the time. And I began to see the beginning of what an amazing sister I have, far beyond what I had ever seen before.

Besides moving to Texas, I have moved progressively closer to her every time I have moved. From about a mile away, to a block away, and now we do not even have to go outside to go in each other's houses.

I think of how depressed I got when I first got married, how difficult that was for me, and how lonely I felt. I've been worried about falling into a depression with this divorce, and working really hard to avoid it, but in some ways, it is simply easier. I can walk right out of my door and into her house. I went over there sobbing a week or so ago, and I know that even though she's not the most physical and touchy person that she would hold me, and hug me.

She has been my unsung hero for so long, but I don't want her to be unsung any more. She is the one who pays attention, and bothers me if I'm not eating, so that I will eat. She is so willing to help me, and is there for me.

And so I offer this tribute to my amazing sister, Emily, and to amazing sisters everywhere. You do more than you know, and you help in ways that cannot be measured. I love you Emily. LYLAS!


  1. I am so glad that you guys have each other!!!!

  2. Sister are the best. I have the best in the world. We do not live by each other but I feel like we can call each other and stay in touch all the time. I am glad you have Emily so close also.