Friday, February 5, 2010

A thousand paths

There is in the universe a galaxy, and within that galaxy a solar system, and within that solar system a planet, and within that planet a country, and within that country a village, and within that village a house, and within that house, a room, and within that room a bed, and within that bed a woman.

This woman had hopes and dreams, a myriad of twisting and winding paths before her. The paths stretched before her view like branches from the trunk of a tree, that was her life. They reached and reached. Sometimes they were cut from her, some shriveled and died. These hurt her, and came back to the heart of the tree. But no single branch being cut from her could kill the heart of the tree. The tree would discard the broken pieces, heal up the broken parts, grow over, and put forth renewed energy to the existing branches, looking for the new branches, growing everything which looked like it could grow. She saw so many places where new branches could spring up. She saw new little branches creeping up, and she wondered where these branches would grow to, what path they would lead to. The overall effect, though, was that these branches reached upwards, and her trunk would reach and reach, and touch higher and higher, and reach the sky.

The twists and turns lay before her. She kept the paths open, trying not to squash the tiny little sprigs that would spring forth, even though they seemed so weak and frail, as if they would not last a day. She knew that every new branch would start as just a tiny sprig, so when she felt the inclination to give up, she would feed it more, and give it more opportunity to grow.

Life goes on. Welcome. My life is one big adventure, and this blog is here to catalogue my thoughts, my experiences, and whatever I decide to blog about :P.

There are thousands of paths that lay before me. Oh the deliciousness of possibility.

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  1. This is beautiful! Hello Jennie's New Blog! :)