Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gentle Guidance back to the Path

At girl's camp one year, our theme was "Hold to the Rod." We had a really neat experience, where we put on blindfolds, and then we were told to hold on to this rope, which was supposed to represent the iron rod. And so I went along, holding this rope, and everything seemed good. It was dark, and I had no idea where I was going, but I knew that this rope meant I was going the right way.

I got to a point where I felt like it was the end of the rope, and I was confused as to where I should go. It was then someone said to me, "Come over here." So I let go of the rope and went to where they were. And then immediately, there was another person who said, "No, come back here" and gently guided me back to the rope. After that, I held on with gusto to the rope, and didn't heed what anyone said, and just held on to that rod, because I knew that some of those voices would try to lead me astray.

We came to the end of the rod, and were told we could take our blindfolds off, and there was a beautiful tree lit up, with apples tied to it by ribbons. It was beautiful. And then we sat and were spiritually fed.

I see how much that experience reflects my experiences in life. I may be going along a good path, and then come to a moment of confusion, and it is then that Satan strikes, to guide me away from the path. But there has always been someone to speak gently and tell me I was going the wrong way, and lead me back to the good path.

Most often it will be my sister or mom. But it's been countless others as well, Young Women's leaders, Visiting Teachers, bishops, friends, roommates, or some random thing I hear somewhere.

I think of this woman, who was there standing by the rod, just there to watch over and make sure people stayed on the rod. She had so many to look over, all the probably 200 girls that would walk by her, but she took the time for me. And these people make time for me, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Because these things lead me back to the word of God, they lead me back to the scriptures, and back to feasting upon the words of God, and being filled with the spirit. And then I get to the tree, and feel infused with beauty. The people lead me to the rod, and the rod leads me to the love of God. How beautiful and glorious.

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