Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sacrifice and Talent

I have been thinking lately about taking time to develop talents. I've been thinking particularly about writing. I stopped at Pizzeria 712 on my way home from work last night, and was reading a book while I waited and ate my food. And as I was reading, I felt more motivation to write, as I felt the ideas of the book inspiring me, and reminding me of the importance things in my life could have.

It is a hard thing to balance, feeling like I need to take time to myself, take time to read, time to write, and step away from the part of the world where I am directly interacting with people, that interacting with people at some point must be sacrificed to developing my own talents.

It seems like something that should come naturally to me, but it doesn't. Like it makes sense to me. I think of going to Carolyn's concert a couple weeks ago, and how wonderful that was. And I've been thinking of how much she has had to sacrifice through the years to have that talent. I remember her staying at home and practicing when others of us would go out and do things.

I don't know what I am meant to do in my life with writing, but I feel like it is what I was born to do. But I have a hard time taking out time, to step away from people, to go into books, and to go into my own little world, to develop it in mind and with words.

I guess it seems like if I was born to do it, it should not feel like so much of a sacrifice to do those things. But sometimes it really does. But my hope is that it will be worth it in the long run....and that I will do it.

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