Monday, April 19, 2010

Being Led

I have been thinking lately about a quote, can't remember who gave it, but it was one of the apostles or prophets, about how it is perhaps of much more importance not the prayers we ask, but the prayers we answer.

I'm in Vegas, and showed up at church today to a building, with a note that the ward was not meeting, but would meet again next week. A minute or two later, this girl showed up, and was like, "Are you trying to go to church?" And I said yes. She had come down to Vegas for the weekend as well, and her friend had dropped her off at church to go to mass, and then was not answering her phone. So this girl didn't have a car, and it was pretty hot, and so she was worried about what to do, and had been praying that someone would come and be trying to go to church, then a minute later, I showed up.

And really, this girl's presence was a miracle. First of all, because I couldn't get a hold of Jessica to have her tell me where another church was and this girl had an iphone where she could look up where we could find another ward, and then as we were driving to this new ward, she started talking to me about her ex-boyfriend, and I was talking to her about my husband, and it just sounded like we had a lot of similar experiences, and so it was awesome to talk to her, and just get to share a moment in time together, relating to each other.

Then this ward was like, exactly where I needed to be today. There was a high councilman there speaking, and he just offered counsel and advice that was exactly what I needed to hear.

It was a beautiful day to bask in the miracles of the gospel, to reflect on the beauty of the atonement, and to joy in the blessings that God sends forth upon all his children. I love him so very much.

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